The Organization

Farah Family Solutions Inc. was founded on the strong belief that people, with appropriate cultural support have the ability to maintain a state of wellness for themselves and their family; improve and learn new strategies for dealing with difficult times and recover from serious setbacks and traumas in their lives. 

We are a private practice providing culturally enriching and appropriate services that assist individuals and families find solutions to their needs.  We create hope within individuals and inspire them to break through barriers to a world of possibilities.


Our aim is to assist our clients in providing pathways for them to achieve their full potential and contribute to improving their health, well-being and quality of life.

We understand and are sensitive to the inner workings of our community.  We also understand the need for culturally reflective practice when working with individuals and families whose experiences are mired in painful histories of oppression and marginalization. And with this in mind, we strive to be respectful, inclusive, non-judgemental, compassionate and maintain confidentiality.


To build lasting relationships in the community by providing culturally relevant services to inspire families, foster a culture of awareness, health and mental wellness, and endeavors to bring our clients the highest level of compassionate service to meet their individual needs.


Our vision is to Lead in the transformation of providing culturally reflective therapy, working together to enrich our client’s experience in rebuilding themselves, their relationships and to bring about balance and healing in their everyday life. 


Our values are rooted in integrity, compassion, and abundance. The values our clients experience are honesty, trust, meaningful connection, inclusiveness, healthy wholeness, ethical practice and passionate empowerment.