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Shiffo Farah, BA, BSW, MSW, RSW 

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Founder of Farah Family Solutions Inc.


I am a Registered Social Worker and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professional working in Toronto. I use clinical skills and ADR to help children and families involved with child welfare work better together to achieve positive resolutions. I specialize in the following: Child Welfare involvement, separation, and divorce, post-separation contact issues, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, anger, and stress management. I have obtained a Master in Social Work from York University, CBT training from the University of Toronto as well as a Family Mediation Certificate from York University.

Family issues, conflict, separation….these are highly stressful events for anyone. Using my unique blend of clinical, mediation, and advocacy skills I will help you develop an individualized approach to work through your challenges. I will provide you with a safe space to explore various issues and express yourself without judgment or bias.

My great passion is bringing awareness, understanding, and strategies to people who have been through these life-changing circumstances. I help my clients find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so they can function as families within a new normal. I am committed to inclusivity, diversity, and equity practice.


  • OCSWSSW Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers Member

  • OASW Ontario Association of Social Workers Member

  • Family Group Conferencing Coordinator (Toronto Project)

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•    York University, Bachelor of Arts -Economics
•    York University Bachelor of Social Work
•    York University Master of Social Work
•    York Family University Mediation Certificate 
•    University of Toronto Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Certificate
•    York University – Part-Time Faculty (Social Work)



My ultimate goal is to empower people so they can take charge of their well-being.

I started my practice because I wanted to provide culturally relevant services to inspire families from the Black, African and Muslim communities in Toronto. To provide families with a safe space. A welcoming space for people to talk about the most difficult and important things in their life. An inclusive space that gives people the support they need. 

I’ve made it my mission to provide individuals and families within my community, the tools, resources and support they need to be resilient in times of change so they can actively reach their goals for positive change and personal growth. Along the way, I hope that as a practice, we can remove the barriers to therapy that exist so everyone has an equal opportunity to improve and maintain their mental health.

I will work with anyone who is truly motivated to create positive change in their life. 

I believe that mental health and overall wellness is about having a sense of control in your life, and I will encourage you to take the initiative instead of always reacting to life’s events ‘after’ they happen.

When confronted by the things that negatively impact you, you should have both the choice and the ability to manage how you will respond to life’s changes so you can continue to grow and thrive - so you can move forward in a positive way.

I will encourage you to be an active player in life’s events, deploying and using coping skills that will make you feel more confident to deal with new challenges as they arise. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

It’s simple, to the point, and has become our team mantra. If we want positive change in our lives, we must take responsibility for that choice by committing to the process and doing the work needed to make that change happen.

The specialized services and workshops we offer are uniquely designed with family relationships in mind.

We are one of a handful of professionals –in the GTA-  who offer Afro-Centric therapeutic support for families who need guidance navigating difficult issues or events in their lives such as separation, divorce and intimate partner violence, and race-based trauma. 

Some life changes are hard, especially when children are involved. However, there is a way to cope positively to challenging situations so that the negative impact to you, those you care about are minimized.

I teach clients how to manage stressful situations and not let difficult life events impact them or those they care about negatively.