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Refugee Mental Health Support and Immigration Therapy

It is not easy to leave one’s home and navigate through life in another country. We offer some support(s) to help new immigrants and refugees in this venture.
Through our Integrated Mental Health Support Service for Refugee and vulnerable Immigrants, we have designed some therapeutic programs to provide support services to those experiencing moderate mental health challenges. Our counseling sessions are tailored towards our clients’ needs. 

Through our team of social workers and psychotherapists we offer professionally centred therapies by providing appropriate cultural, safe, and trauma-informed supports. 

Our program includes referrals to mental health navigators. They in-turn provide practical assistance coupled with system navigation. They work closely with our psychotherapists.
We offer support in the varied experiences of lives of the refugees and immigrants, all through the phases of migration, associated stressors phases, consequences, and psychological well-being, including coping strategies for stressors management.
In addition to traumatic events refugees and immigrants experience prior to migration and during flight, coupled with stresses during resettlement, all of these factors put them at risk for psychopathology. Therefore, many refugees and immigrants stand to benefit greatly from our mental health counselling support services.



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