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WEMA Project

Working Together To Find Solutions

WEMA is a Swahili concept of doing your best to make a difference to achieve complete harmony with everything – Balance, Holistic, Connection and Wellness:

When racialized families come into contact with certain systems such as CAS, Police, and the Justice System, their sense of WEMA can be disrupted. This program is aimed at working with families, youth and children, and the systems involved to bring the holistic sense of self back in sync.

WEMA project is an extension of our Reconciliation therapy, reunification or reintegration therapy. This is a highly specialized type of therapy that addresses parent child contact problems following a separation, divorce, Child in care/custody system. This is a complex and involved intervention that requires regular participation of the whole family.

Goal of WEMA Project

The goal of this therapy is to minimize a child’s alignment with one parent over another, other caregivers such as foster care givers, to implement parenting and communication skills for both parents and to put plans in place to manage challenging co-parenting situations, or parenting challenges after reintegration for years to come. In the Services section

What We Do

Farah Family Solutions is a private practice providing culturally enriching and appropriate services that assist individuals and families find solutions to their needs.  We create hope within individuals and inspire them to break through barriers to a world of possibilities. Our aim is to assist our clients in providing pathways for them to achieve their full potential and contribute to improving their health, well being and quality of life.  

Our Approach - Afro-Centric

This approach aims at working with parents, children and youth of African heritage involved with CAS, - struggling with managing their children when faced with many intersectional and conflicting problems.

Provide one-on-one and group counselling of youth and their families.

Afro-Centric Principals of Intervention

Umoja – Unity – Service for and maintain unity in the family and community
Kujichagulia – Self Determination – Define ourselves, create for ourselves, name ourselves
Ujima – Collective work and Responsibility
Ujamaa - Cooperation- working together
Nia – Purpose
Kuumba - Creativity
Imani – Faith- To believe in higher power, our people, our parents, our teachers and leaders and the righteousness and victory of our struggle
Culturally grounded, encompassing, intersectionality of race, gender, ethnicity, social class, ability, sexuality and spirituality. This approach acknowledges African cultural resiliency as a foundation to help solve pressing social problems that diminish human potential and preclude positive social change. 


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